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Richard L. Furry

Richard L. Furry

January 14, 1926 to February 4, 2014

It was truly a pleasure to personally know and practice law with Dick Furry. He was intelligent, hardworking and above all, a gentleman. He has a quiet sense of humor and a wry gleam in his eyes. He brought a sense of calm and dignity to the office. He never had more than one file on his desk. When Dick worked on a file, that client had his undivided attention.

Dick loved his family first, but the law was extremely important as well. A veteran of the Navy and the Pacific Theatre, Dick loved his country and appreciated all that it had to offer. He traveled often but worked until the month before he died. With his passing, we lost a friend, mentor, and student of the law. Dick was a very special person. He is greatly missed.


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