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On May 19, OSHA once again revised its guidance to employers concerning enforcement of the recordkeeping requirements found in 29 CFR §1904, as they pertain to the recording of COVID-19 cases.

From the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, OSHA has stated that COVID-19 is a recordable illness and must be recorded on an employer’s 300 log, if the following three criteria are...

Friday, 01 May 2020 19:17

Reopening Ohio

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Governor DeWine rolled out his plan for reopening Ohio on April 27th. He issued another list on April 29th. I will take this opportunity to list and discuss the published plan as it affects construction and general industry. The Association Office is planning an Ohio employer webinar for Tuesday, May 5th at 10:00 am EDT. The following represents my thoughts and interpretations of the requirements and recommendations which we issued on April 27th and April 29th.

Friday, 01 May 2020 18:54

NIA News Gary’s Corner Article on Safety

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While we continue to hear about the coronavirus every day, even on weekends, it is important that we distill down the myriad of information into a useable form. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss COVID-19 situation as it is currently and as to how it will affect employers as we work to get the economy restarted from a safety/OSHA compliance standpoint. So, I am going to look into my “crystal ball” for part to the article and try to be as accurate as I can be with regards to the future.

The U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) has issued its regulations that tell employers how the DOL will be interpreting and enforcing the two types of federal leave created under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (“FFCRA”). That leave includes Emergency Paid Sick Leave and expanded Family and Medical Leave (“EPSL” and “EFMLA leave” for purposes of this article). Below we have highlighted several important changes and clarifications that employers need to know about as they deal with these types of leave, which went into effect on April 1.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has stated that the new Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded FMLA Leave will become effective April 1, 2020, not on April 2 as originally anticipated. In addition, the DOL has adopted a non-enforcement period from March 18 through April 17. During this time period, the DOL has indicated it will not take enforcement action against an employer if the employer makes reasonable good-faith efforts to comply with the new paid leave provisions as determined by the DOL. Therefore, although eligible employees still must be granted leave beginning April 1, the DOL will not be pursuing violations until after April 17 for employers who are trying to comply with the law.

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