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NIA News Gary’s Corner Article on Safety

While we continue to hear about the coronavirus every day, even on weekends, it is important that we distill down the myriad of information into a useable form. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss COVID-19 situation as it is currently and as to how it will affect employers as we work to get the economy restarted from a safety/OSHA compliance standpoint. So, I am going to look into my “crystal ball” for part to the article and try to be as accurate as I can be with regards to the future. As an employer you have two goals in the current situation. First to provide your employees a safe place to work – to eliminate or minimize as much as possible their potential exposure to COVID-19. Second, you need comply with OSHA guidance and recommendations (we do not have any OSHA requirements at this time), which are also geared towards protecting your employees, but perhaps not as completely as you would desire.

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